About ENF

Elf Needs Food is run by a pair of brothers, Greg and Eugene. Back in the early eighties, we were weaned on Intellivision, Apple II, and the arcade games at our local bowling alley.

Now, though each of us is married and gainfully employed, we still find time for gaming, usually on Sony consoles.

Greg heads the web department for an organization in the Midwest. Several years back, he was the web developer on Electronic Arts’ ambitious-but-doomed Majestic project, where he was personally responsible for its failure.

Eugene is a corrupt lawyer in the Washington, D.C. area. He’s the most skilled videogamer in the family, except when it comes to FIFA.

Greg’s wife, Kathy, is also a gamer and occasional contributor to these pages. Eugene’s wife is the only one of us with a life.

The name of this site comes from the classic arcade game, Gauntlet.

You can email us at the following address: needsfood@gmail.com