Demo Daze

I’ve been loving these free PS3 demos if only because they tend more often to convince me NOT to spend $60 on a game that in concept seems perfect for me, but in execution, fails.

Resident Evil 5:

There is just too much going on in this game.  RE has slowly been evolving from a suspense-based series to an action-based series.  Unfortunately, it isn’t working for me.  The designers of RE5 have not changed the gameplay mechanics much, but they have thrown more enemies at you.  This makes the game more difficult and challenging, but not better.

The anachronistic controls can’t compensate for this type of gameplay.  To aim and shoot your gun, you must be stationary (ridiculous).  There is no shooting on the fly/strafing while firing.  Secondly, the targeting is clunky.  If you want to make RE5 competitive as a shooter (e.g. Metal Gear Solid 4, Resistance 2, CoD World at War) you have to update the mechanics.  Making characters in an action-based game stand on a stationary vertical axis to shoot in this day and age is not just unacceptable, it’s lazy game design.

Thanks Rez Evil 5 developers!  You saved me $60 but ruined my all-time favorite franchise by refusing to modernize!

Lord of the Rings: Conquest:

This game is awesome–if it was meant for the PS2.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t measure up to the PS3 platform.  Another great concept that fails in execution.  The fighting is clunky and confusing.  The pixelated characters can’t stand up against the great graphics of the great games on PS3 (MGS4, CoD World at War, Fallout, Heavenly Sword).

It’s too bad, as the character classes (warrior, mage, scout, archer, and unlockable “heroes”) would make for interesting gameplay, if the gameplay itself didn’t suck.

The Demo doesn’t allow for it, but you can play as good guys (elves, men, ents, dwarves) or the bad guys (Sauron, Ring-Wraiths, Orcs).  Again, good concept.  I think I’ll replay Heavenly Sword instead of buying this.

*Note to developers:  Stop Releasing Half-Baked Games.  Take the time to make a good, polished, finished product.


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