In The Gaming Industry, Common Sense Is A Major Breakthrough

Holy shit! Nintendo just filed a patent application for a system that would allow all players — regardless of skill level — to enjoy and finish even the most difficult games.

The application proposes in-game video hints, to help guide you through the tough parts of a game. Though you can already find tactical help at YouTube or GameFAQs for most games, I appreciate the convenience of having the assistance right on my TV.

But the big breakthrough mentioned in the patent is that Nintendo would offer players the ability to skip to any section of a game at any time — even if you haven’t “earned” your way there. (As if I didn’t already earn the right to see everything I want when I plunked down sixty bucks!)

If you’ve been here before, you know that we think it’s about goddamn time that someone started doing this.

Let’s hope Nintendo follows through on the idea. And let’s hope Sony, Microsoft, and the third-party game developers find some way to follow suit.


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