Guitar Hero World Bore

I got GH World Tour for Xmas (guitar only, not full band).  It’s a great game to play with friends (we bought an extra guitar to play cooperatively and head to head).  What a blast!  My wife, who hates videogames, and was making fun of us while we faux-guitared ourselves to exhaustion, actually tried it out an loved it.  She’s played several more sessions with me in my basement gaming/video dungeon over the past week.

However, the “World Tour” career option is  pretty boring and redundant to play through.  Every successful gig ends with that same “You Rock!” signal and there’s no set up, personality, or variance between gigs.  Sure, you can customize your character but that doesn’t do too much for me, since she’s still just a voiceless cardboard (albeit blue-skinned and pretty) cutout.  There are no groupies, no puking backstage, no rock ‘n roll antics, no egomaniacal clashes between band members in between sets.  It’s just random gig at random place after random gig at random place.  No character development whatsoever.

Again, the set lists at gigs are so random as to be ridiculous…you’re going to end up playing lame songs you hate (Band on the Run and Steely Dan for me) along with the ones you like (Linkin Park, Smashing Pumpkins).

I’m definitely having more fun just setting my own playlists and creating my own gigs.  I’m a metal guy, I don’t have time for lame-ass Steely Dan flute rock (oh, wait, that’s Jethro Tull…well, they both suck).

Finally, the fact that most of the songs are not available to you when you purchase the game (you have to unlock them through play) is unacceptable.  I bought this game, which means I bought the music, and I want to play it RIGHT NOW!

Yes, I know there is a cheat code to unlock these songs, but this goes back to Gregor’s point that “You Bought That Game But You Don’t Own It.”


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