PlayStation 3 Store Getting Makeover, Thank God

The PlayStation 3 is a wonderful machine. The game library is getting better all the time, the XMB graphical user interface is really cool, and I even like the little violin swell that plays when you start up the system.

But I hate the PlayStation Store. Not as much as I hate that fucking asshole, Tim Russert, but it’s still pretty bad.

PS3 Store Vs. Tim Russert

Instead of being tightly coupled with the XMB, the store is really just a website that’s viewed with the PS3’s built-in browser. I guess that could be okay, but it’s a crappy website.

When browsing the store, it’s a pain to find the games/demos/videos you’re seeking. The page loads are slow, and you have to click several levels deep, only to find out that the game you’re looking for isn’t listed under Action/Adventure anyway.

Most annoying of all, the back button is broken. Clicking on the Circle button is the standard maneuver for backtracking in the PS3’s menu system. But clicking on that button in the store won’t take you back a page. It exits you from the store, altogether!

The store should be more intuitive and seamlessly integrated with the XMB. And it looks like that’s going to happen. Rumor is, the store is getting overhauled in April.

Apparently, it’s going to look and work more like the SingStore, which allows players of SingStar to buy new songs. I’ve never played SingStar, so all that means nothing to me. All I know is it’s a change. And this country needs change.


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