Final Fantasy VII Remake Confirmed (for NES)

A decade ago, I was initiated into the cult of Final Fantasy, after playing through the seventh installment of the series. I’ve been a devoted console RPG fanboy ever since, and Cloud and his pals are largely to blame.


But, much as I love the game, I’ve always felt that FF7’s jagged PSX graphics were too realistic, and the awkward English translation wasn’t incomprehensible enough (“This guy are sick!”).

Luckily for me, a Chinese company, Shenzhen Nanjing, made a downgraded version of the game for the original Nintendo system. Apparently, it’s a pretty complete port of the original game, with all the main plotlines and even a streamlined materia system. Most of the graphics and music, however, are swiped from FF2 and FF3.

Looks like I’m set for this Christmas.

Here’s a YouTube video of the game’s opening battles. Midgar hasn’t changed a bit.

Thanks to Cinnamon Pirate for this excellent find. His site has tons of pictures from the game.


2 thoughts on “Final Fantasy VII Remake Confirmed (for NES)

  1. The actual rom, especially in English, seems to be hard to get your hands on. The “vizzed” place demands you post a certain amount of crap on their boards to reach a certain “rank” and then request it by PM or pay for a membership.

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